Mechanical Room

Karbon begins optimizing the business value of its client's engineering assets before the project begins. Prior to starting design, there are multiple decisions that need to be made including—build or lease, site selection, design approach, and the financial payback parameters. Karbon's mission critical experts partner with clients to provide the comprehensive analysis that is required to make these decisions with confidence. The team develops reports encompassing site feasibility, solution technology, financial viability, facility benchmarking, power quality, and project schedule to maximize value and minimize risk to the client's core business.

Services include:

  • Site Surveys and Facility Assessments
  • Demand analysis and Capacity Planning
  • Post Failure Analysis
  • Site feasibility studies
  • Peer Reviews
  • Facility Energy Audits
Engineering Reports
  • Analysis of existing conditions
  • Increase Efficiency Recommendations
  • Order of Magnitude construction cost estimates
  • Energy modeling and analysis