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Karbon employs a collaborative and proactive commissioning process to monitor and assure facilities operate as designed. Karbon achieves this by partnering with clients, construction managers, and designers to collaborate throughout the life of the project.

We advocate starting commissioning in the pre-design phase, to effectively plan for equipment testing and commissioning, and develop a training program to assure that the client is thoroughly prepared to operate and maintain its facility immediately upon turnover. During this time, our team actively solicits feedback from the design team, stakeholders, and construction manager to continuously improve the final commissioning plan. Throughout this process, the team collects historical data on any changes to the design. This is used as a baseline, in combination with real-time performance data, to optimize facility performance.

Services include:

Commissioning Services
  • Commissioning and Retro Commissioning
  • Commissioning (Cx) Plan and Cx specifications
Perform all levels of Cx including:
  • Level 3 Pre-Functional Checklists
  • Level 4 Functional Test Procedures
  • Level 5 Integrated Systems Test Procedures
Conduct and direct functional testing Develop and/or review contractor MOPs Conduct Construction Inspections Reports Final Report consisting of all documentation Enhanced Services
  • Training of Operational Staff
  • Full time, on-site construction administrator
  • LEED Enhanced and Fundamental
  • Perform near end-of-warranty review on site
  • ESD (Electro Static Discharge) Testing