Karbon integrates an iterative design approach to shape our engineering solutions. Our team begins by drawing on our extensive project experience, and investigating designs in similar environmental and operational conditions. We identify past solutions where we encountered similar conditions, and analyze the effectiveness of the applied solutions. Karbon then evaluates them against the client's business objectives, operations and maintenance protocols, and the schedule and budget to identify risks and propose mitigations. This process not only delivers unique choices to our clients, it also continuously improves our design solutions.


Unlike other engineering firms, Karbon leverages "real-time" performance data with information extracted from lessons learned during the construction and commissioning phases to transform and improve building performance. Although many companies use benchmarked data, that information is based on how systems are designed to work, not how they actually respond under real-time conditions.

Karbon's data-driven design approach eliminates risk, improves resiliency, and optimizes energy and water usage to improve the bottom line and increase the competitive-edge of each facility.